Current Events Calendar

  • Free Fishing Days in Michigan

    Saturday June 10, 2023 - Sunday June 11, 2023

    No License required to fish in Michigan lakes and rivers.

  • 2023 CTRA Annual Meeting

    Tuesday April 25, 2022 7:00 PM

    The Cascade Thornapple River Association 2023 Annual Member Meeting will be held on Tuesday April 25th at 7pm in the Wisner Center. Hybrid live/recorded options are being explored however in-person is the only confirmed format at this time. Please save the date and we will see you on Tuesday April 25th at 7pm in the Wisner Center. The Wisner Center is connected to the Cascade Library located at 2870 Jacksmith Ave SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49546.
    2022 CTRA Annual Meeting Recording

  • Spring 2023 Drawdown

    Start/end Monday April 24 - Friday May 5
    Max(2 ft) Friday April 28 - Sunday April 30

    Monday April 24th – Start drawdown at ½ foot per day
    Friday April 28th – Reaches 2-foot level, maintained through the weekend
    Monday May 1st — Start filling at ½ foot per day
    Friday May 5th – Reaches normal level

    Note: The Cascade Dam is owned by Cascade Township and operated by Eagle Creek Renewable Energy under contract with the township. Drawdown dates, depths and drain/fill rates are set by the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy.

  • Past Events

  • Free Fishing Days in Michigan

    Saturday February 18, 2023 - Sunday February 19, 2023

    No License required to fish in Michigan lakes and rivers.

  • Fall 2022 Drawdown

    Start/end Monday September 26 - Friday October 7
    Max(2 ft) Friday September 30 - Sunday October 2

    The fall 2022 river drawdown has been approved by the State of Michigan. Please note that the dates are one week earlier than in previous years. Dates are set by the Stae of Michigan. This years drawdown is limited to two feet.

  • End of Summer Fireworks

    Saturday September 3, 2022

    The end of summer fireworks show is set for Saturday September 3rd at approximately 8:45pm. The location is the same as last year – along Cascade Road – just look for all your neighbors. Please keep wakes to a minimum and turn off bright lights (navigation lights stay on for safety!) We will send an email and post on Facebook if there is a cancellation, so please check those sources frequently on Saturday as the show time approaches. Membership dues do not fund the fireworks. We have adequate fireworks donations to cover this year’s show, so any additional donations received will be applied to next year. Thank you to all that contributed to fund the fireworks show!
    CTRA Pay-Fireworks

  • SAD Activities

    Thursday June 21, 2022

    Cascade Township controls the activities of the Thornapple River Special Assessment District (SAD). The first application for exotic weed control on the Thornapple River was applied on Thursady June 21. Cascade Township has a website that is updated with the latest news on the SAD and the Aquatic Weed Management Program.
    SAD Home
    2022 Aquatic Weed management Program

  • 2022 CTRA Annual Meeting

    Wednesday April 26, 2022 7:00 PM

    This year, the virtual CTRA Annual Meeting will be held on Tuesday April 26 at 7:00 PM. Lot owners without email address were notified via postcard and those with known email addresses received their notices via email. Please help us by setting your session name to something recognizable to others. If it defaults to iPad2 or Judy’s iPhone then we, and others, won’t know who you are!
    CTRA Annual Meeting Zoom Link
    2022 CTRA Annual Meeting notice
    2022 CTRA Annual Meeting Slide Deck
    2022 CTRA Annual Meeting Recording

  • Spring 2022 Drawdown

    Wednesday April 6, 2022

    The CTRA sent out a new email with the latest status of the Spring 2022 Drawdown that is now scheduled for a limited two foot drop starting April 25.
    Spring 2022 Drawdown Update

  • Spring 2022 Drawdown

    Wednesday April 6, 2022

    The CTRA sent out an new email with the latest status of the Spring 2022 Drawdown that is now scheduled for a limited two foot drop starting April 25.
    Spring 2022 Drawdown Update

  • Spring 2022 Drawdown - preliminary

    Monday April 4, 2022

    The CTRA sent out an email with the latest status of the Spring 2022 Drawdown that is tentatively scheduled for a limited two foot drop starting April 11. This has since been revised to April 25

  • Membership Update

    Tuesday February 15, 2022

    The CTRA sent out their February 2022 update email using the current address list. A printable version of this update is available here:
    CTRA February 2022 Email

  • 2021 Fall Drawdown

    Wednesday October 6, 2021

    This Morning (Wednesday, October 6) The Cascade Township Posted an update to their website confirming the Fall 2021 drawdown is in progress.

    The fall dam drawdown will begin slowly on Monday, October 4. It will be drawn down to max October 8-10 and then begin coming back up.

    This is scheduled to be a 2 foot drawdown.

    The following email was sent by the CTRA to all known CTRA email address:

    The Fall Drawdown of the Thornapple River upstream of the Cascade Dam to roughly 68th St is underway. A signed agreement is now in place for the Fall 2021 Drawdown.
    Water levels started dropping on Monday, October 4 and will be held at the two foot maximum drawdown level Friday through Sunday before starting the refill process on Monday, October 11 with normal levels restored Friday, October 15.
    This morning Cascade Township (the owner of the dam) posted the update to the Fall Drawdown on their website.
    The CTRA website at is being updated to reflect the revised status. Likewise, our Facebook (search for CTRA) is being updated with the latest information from Cascade Township.
    Fall 2021 river drawdown volunteers are needed this Saturday and Sunday!
    The CTRA needs volunteers to:
    Document the exposed riverbed in front of your property on Saturday and Sunday (when water is at its lowest point)
    Describe the width and composition of the exposed river bottom (muck, sand, gravel, rock, mixed)
    Make observations of stranded aquatic organisms, especially freshwater mussels (commonly referred to as clams)
    Take photographs and counts of any stranded organisms
    Relocate any stranded organisms to the water
    Submit your information to and include:
    Your property address or area surveyed (if larger)
    Counts (even if your count is zero)
    Comments on any hardship from a 2 foot drawdown compared to our historical 4 foot drawdown
    Note: If you have any issues submitting your information via email please let us know and we will find an alternative method to gather your photos.
    Information you submit will be used to create a potential permit request with State of Michigan regulators, and if approved it may restore 4 foot drawdowns in the future. CTRA will work in close collaboration with dam owner Cascade Township on this effort.

    Thank you for your assistance,
    Your CTRA Board of Directors

  • Virtual 2020 The CTRA Annual Meeting

    Wednesday June 3rd, 2020
    7PM EST

    The Cascade Thornapple River Association 2020 annual meeting will be held virtually this year. The CTRA Board appreciates your flexibility and understanding as we navigate the challenging circumstances related to COVID-19. Meeting minutes will be posted and sent out after the meeting to accommodate residents unable to attend in this virtual gathering format.

    A live, free broadcast via Zoom online meeting service will be held. Please see email or mailer sent to your address for more information. If you have not recieved Zoom link info, reach out to us at

    Topics will include financial update, year-in-review, river quality information, special assessment district (S.A.D.) update, board election and more…

    2020 Free Fishing Days

    Winter: February 15 & 16, Summer: June 13 & 14

    2020 Fall Drawdown

    October 8-11
    Above Cascade Dam

    2020 Spring Drawdown

    April 9-12
    Above Cascade Dam

    2019 Cascade River Cleanup

    September 21
    Hastings to Ada: Facebook Event

    2019 Fall Drawdown

    October 10 - 13
    Above Cascade Dam

    2019 Fireworks

    August 31, Dusk
    Above Cascade Dam

    2019 Free Fishing Days

    June 8 - 9
    Anywhere in Michigan!

    2018 PFAS Open House

    September 5,2018
    Cascade Library Wisner Center

    The PFAS Open House was held on Wednesday September 5, 2018 at the Cascade Library Wisner Center from 6 to 8 PM. The CTRA in conjuction with the Ada based Thornapple Association hosted this important PFAS update. Representatives from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, Kent County Department of Public Health and Human Services, Kent County Health Department, Gerald R. Ford International Airport and Cascade Township were on hand. The Open House PFAS related presentations and a Q&A session.

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