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A YouTube video is available to help explain the key issues concerning the impact of the Gerald R. Ford International Airport on the water entering the Thornapple River. click here
See the packet distributed by the CTRA in 2011 to help address the airport deicing fluid runoff problem. packet
You can help by sending letters to the decision makers! DW_MDEQ GRFIA_BM KC_BoC S_DH S_MCJ R_LPL R_KY
The CTRA met with the MDEQ on November 1, 2011. To see the Information Outline click here
In September the CTRA sent out a letter about the Gerald R Ford International Airport runoff problem. To see the letter click here
To see the latest media coverage on airport runoff into Trout Creek click woodtv1 woodtv2 woodtv3 woodtv4 GRPress1 GRPress2 GRPress3 GRPress4 GRPress5 GRPress6 DFPress Adv1
For a technical overview on airport runoff into Trout Creek click here
You can make a donation to help protect the Thornapple River.