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2018 CTRA Annual Meeting

This year the CTRA annual meeting was held on Thursday May 10. Hot topics this year included the Grand Rapids Airport (again). This year the issues were whether the new treatment system is truely effective at preventing harmfull discharges into the river and the extent to which historical PFAS use at the airport has impacted groundwater near the river. PFAS Update  PFAS FAQ  Other items included updates on the recent flooding, river cleanup and the Special Assesment District (see below) There was overwhelming support for an end of summer fireworks show. The show is scheduled for August 25. You can make fireworks donations on the Membership tab.

Special Assesment Update

Work continues on creating a Special Assesment District (SAD) to provide funding for much needed projects on the Thornapple River. A petition drive to show support for weed control and other efforts was kicked off at the CTRA Annual Meeting. River lot owners are being asked to support the proposed district in the limited access portion of the Thornapple River in Cascade Township. The petition effort is receiving strong support by those contacted by CTRA volunteer petitioners. Some property owners have not yet been contacted. You can help if you are willing to contact lot owners or you are a lot owner that has not been contacted. See Petition  Front  Back  Map E-Mail cascadethornapple@gmail.com

Boat Launch Update

The Boat Launch Upgrade program will be continued in 2018 with very minor adjustments. An upgrade to regular CTRA membership is required. See the Membership tab to purchase the Boat Launch Upgrade.

Airport Construction Update  Deicing Issues

Mission. The purpose of this organization is to protect and perpetuate the natural resources in and around the Thornapple River, Kent County, Michigan from the Cascade Dam south to the Alaska Bridge (68th Street). This organization shall also inform and educate riverside residents of their obligations to protect the environmental integrity of the river and encourage safe and responsible operation of watercraft. This organization shall also provide a single entity for riverside residents to deal with commercial businesses and governmental agencies in order to accomplish the purposes of this organization. This organization shall also engage in other activities to improve property values and enhance the experience of riverside living.
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