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Summer is Over - Almost!
We are sending summer out with a bang! Due to overwelming support at the CTRA Annual Meeting there will be a fireworks display on the river this year. The big event will be on Saturday, September 6 starting at 8:45pm. The best viewing will be by boat so get some friends together and join us for the show. It should be a great night for fireworks viewing on the river. Sunset on September 6th is 8:07pm, moonrise is at 6:25pm and the moon will be about 81% full so it should be a great night.

The fireworks show will be paid for using donations and not CTRA general funds. To make a donation you can contact a CTRA Board Member or just go to the CTRA Membership Page and make your donation using PayPal
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Mission. The purpose of this organization is to protect and perpetuate the natural resources in and around the Thornapple River, Kent County, Michigan from the Cascade Dam south to the Alaska Bridge (68th Street). This organization shall also inform and educate riverside residents of their obligations to protect the environmental integrity of the river and encourage safe and responsible operation of watercraft. This organization shall also provide a single entity for riverside residents to deal with commercial businesses and governmental agencies in order to accomplish the purposes of this organization. This organization shall also engage in other activities to improve property values and enhance the experience of riverside living.
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